ChipEZ.com is an alternative vertical search engine for electronic components. ChipEZ.com provides superior experience for procurement professionals, makers and engineers while meeting needs of components manufacturers and their distributors.

ChipEZ.com features a unique parts filter that allows users to find and compare parts they need fast without clicking through page after page of search results. In addition to standard manufacturer and distributor filters, ChipEZ.com also features an Authorized/Independent distributor filter tab that allows users to drill down into either category depending on component needs.

ChipEZ.com is brought to you by Chipmonk Technology, Inc., a small, privately held business. Our agility and independence allows us to always do what we believe is best for our users, distributors, and component manufacturer partners to be your search engine of choice.

Contact Information

Please email comments, questions, suggestions or complaints to contact@chipez.us. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Chipmonk Technology, Inc.

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Or call the office anytime 323-354-2478 to speak with a representative.